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Eye Color                     

Hair Color                    


Casting Age         

Voice Character          

Voice Age                    


Artistic Talents            

Based in                       

1.85 m





warm, young, soft with a little edge


- German (dialects: Berlin dialect;"streetslang";

                  German with Japanese accent)

- English (fluent)

- Japanese (very good)

- Hungarian (basic)

- Chinese (basic)





Andrea Alexander Gabrin is an actor and voice actor born and raised in Berlin.

With 13 years, he had his first role as voice actor in the interactive radioplay Zeitreise from Wasserturm e.V.

His acting career started at the youth theatre group of Theater Strahl at the age of 14.

After graduating from high school, he made several internships as assistant director at film and theatre productions (among others with Valentin Plătăreanu at Schauspielschule Charlottenburg).

He attended the film directing course of filmArche Berlin e.V. and directed six short films (among others Out of Opfer official contribution to Achtung Berlin 2008 film festival), one feature length music documentary film production, and one advertising spot for Radio multikulti of RBB that was screened in cinemas.

In 2010 he debuted as film actor in the movie Beach Boy.

During his Japanese studies at FU Berlin he did an exchange year at Tsukuba University in Japan. During his stay he produced several music documentary films (among others with the number one Enka singer Sayuri Ishikawa) for Issey Ogata-Ra in Tokyo. He also worked as an actor for the Japanese TV station NHK Osaka.

For over 12 years now Andrea Alexander Gabrin works as radio announcer for radio where he is hosting shows, acts as station ID and voices in trailers and jingles.

In 2020 he attended an acting seminar by Teresa Harder and in 2021 a voice actor seminar of Coaching Company Berlin (among others with Marion Schöneck).

From 2022 to 2023 he joined the Camera Actors Studio of iSFF Berlin. Among his instructors were Jeanette Wagner, Bettina Lohmeyer, Uwe Bünker, Kerstin Ahlrichs, Hanna Slak, Frauke Thielecke, Stephan Thiede and Friederike Jehn.

Since his film acting debut, he played numerous roles in movies and TV (see filmography).

Filmography (selection)

  • Fare Dodge

  • ebay - The Anniversary

  • In Liebe, Eure Hilde

  • 1899

  • Last Song For Stella                                

  • München – Im Angesicht des Krieges

  • Gunpowder Milkshake 

  • Wayfair – Traumzuhause                         

  • Ku‘damm 63                                            

  • Wendezeit

  • Little Joe

  • toom Belohnbier                                     

  • Danach                                                     

  • Geiseln                                                     

  • Die Protokollantin                                   

  • Virus                                                         

  • Brunftzeit                                                

  • The Man in The High Castle                  

  • Die Polizistin                                            

  • HISTORIA div.                                          

  • Beach Boy                                                

  • die Fotokabine Multicult2.0                   

(2023 d: Hannah Wolny) role: young police officer

(2023 d: D.A.R.Y.L.) role: Partner

(2022 d: Andreas Dresen) role: Günther Weisenborn

(2022 d: Baran bo Odar) role: 1st class passenger

(2022 d: Kilian Riedhof) role: Luftwaffe-officer

(2021 d: Christian Schwochow) role: SS-officer

(2021 d: Navot Papushado) role: thug

(2020 advertising spot d: Moritz Laube) role: delivery guy

(2020 d: Sabine Bernardi) role: court sketch artist

(2019 d: Sven Bohse) role: Stasi agent

(2019 d: Jessica Hausner) role: assistant

(2019 advertising spot) role: toom employee

(2018 d: Gisela Günther) role: Armin

(2018 d: Nina Detz) role: him

(2017 d: Nina Grosse) role: journalist

(2017 d: Veronika Bolotina) role: Eric

(2017 d: Gisela Günther) role: Heinrich

(2015 d: Dan Percival) role: honor guard

(2013 d: Franziska Buch) role: police student

(2012 NHK Osaka) role: (among others) Philipp Franz von Siebold

(2010 d: Hannes Hirsch) role: Dübel

(2009 advertising spot d: Rolf Mienkus) role: teenager

Voice Actor (selection)

  • Konservierung

  • Torstraße (working title) (Voice Acting)

  • Pen 15 (Voice Acting - Japanese)                             

  • Reasons to Scream (Radioplay)  

  • Blitz (Audio Newspaper)                     

  • Dantes Inferno (Voice Acting)                                    

  • Song intro (Voice Acting)                             

  • Radio Announcements/Trailers (Radio)                                              

06 / 2023 Charlotte Feldmann

05 / 2022 X-Filme

05 / 2022 Hermes Synchron - Dana Linkiewicz

05 / 2022 Juli Saragosa

weekly 2022 ATZ Hörmedien für Sehbehinderte und Blinde

04 / 2022 SRH Hochschule der populären Künste

03 / 2022 for Darren Jones

ongoing 2022 Radio

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